Petpalooza Poster Dog Contest Rules

Voting is open to all visitors. Voting is limited to one vote per dog, but vote for as many dogs as you like! Campaigning for votes is strongly encouraged, so please feel free to share with your friends and family!

Winner becomes the ‘Poster Dog’ of Auburn’s Petpalooza 2023! Winner will be responsible for working with City of Auburn event staff to either provide high resolution photo options and/or scheduling a photo shoot. Winner would also be asked to provide additional photos leading up to the 2023 event (the more the merrier!). Photo is guaranteed for the 2023 poster only; other pets/animals may be used for supplementary marketing materials.

Winner will be notified by email by City of Auburn event staff. If you have questions, please email

Save the date! Next year’s Auburn’s Petpalooza is May 20, 2023!