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Places to take your dog swimming in Atlanta, Georgia

Dive into Adventure: Top Spots to Take Your Dog Swimming in Atlanta

Looking to make a splash with your four-legged friend? Whether you’re a dog-loving local resident or a visitor seeking the city’s canine-friendly oases, we’ve done the legwork to fetch you the best places to take your dog swimming in Atlanta.


From public parks to Atlanta dog beaches to private swimming pools, these spots will have Spot’s tail wagging! In addition to these pawesome places that include Atlanta’s unofficial dog beach, Morningside Nature Preserve, and more dog beaches, be sure to scroll all the way to the end to learn about a special pool party for you and your pooch in October called Splish Splash Doggie Bash!

1. Atlanta Parks to Take Your Dog for a Swim

Murphey Candler Park’s East Beach

Nature lovers and canine lovers alike will appreciate Murphey Candler Park with its lush greenery, two miles of scenic walking trails, and a picturesque lake. Speaking of the lake, visitors can partake in various water activities. Fishing enthusiasts can cast a line and try their luck at catching bass or catfish, while kayakers and paddleboarders can explore the calm waters at their own pace.

The lake and east beach also offers the locals a tranquil setting for a picnic by the water’s edge or simply enjoying a book while soaking in the natural beauty. But best of all for dog lovers and their furry friends, pooches can enjoy a swim, splash, and play on the northeast shore of the lake!

Location: 1551 W Nancy Creek Drive, Brookhaven | View Map

Cochran Shoals Trail

Situated along the Chattahoochee River, this scenic trail offers breathtaking views, diverse wildlife, and a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta city life. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a birdwatching enthusiast, or simply seeking a tranquil stroll in nature with your dog, Cochran Shoals Trail has something for everyone beyond the dog park.

The trail meanders through lush forests, open meadows, and along the banks of the beautiful Chattahoochee River. There are several access points along the trail where pet owners and their pooch can reach the river for swimming. These access points are marked and easily accessible from the trail.

Please note: While dogs are welcome in the park, they can cause the most resource damage if their owners neglect to clean up after them. This means bringing waste bags, picking up your dog’s waste and using the dog waste bins near the trailheads.

Location: 6875 Cochran Mill Road, Chattahoochee Hills | View Map

Morningside Nature Preserve

Located in the middle of the Morningside-Lenox Park neighborhood, the Morningside Nature Preserve is a pooch-lover’s paradise – mainly for its unofficial dog beach. Located along South Fork Peachtree Creek, this charming spot offers the ideal blend of woodland beauty and waterfront fun for you and Fido, right in the heart of Atlanta.

As you enter Morningside Nature Preserve, you’ll be greeted by a dense canopy of trees, with well-maintained trails that wind through the forest, offering an immersive hike and peaceful hiking experience. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, the preserve has a trail suited to your skill level.

Atlanta’s Unofficial Dog Beach

But, more about the ‘unofficial’ dog beach! This hidden gem is located in the heart of the preserve with a sprawling, sandy dog beach just a half-mile from the entrance to the trailhead. Once there, you’ll be greeted by the playful sight of Rover reveling in the river under the shadow of a wooden suspension bridge. The shallow waters and sandy shore provide a safe place for pups of all sizes to splash, play and swim. Though the beach’s laid-back atmosphere encourages owners to let their dogs to roam off-leash, it’s worth noting that the area isn’t an officially designated off-leash park, but it’s worth the risk, right?

Location: 2020 Lenox Rd NE, Atlanta, GA | View Website

Atlanta Dog Beach: East Palisades Trail

East Palisades Trail in Atlanta is every outdoor enthusiast’s dream and a dog lover’s paradise. Meandering through lush woodlands along the Chattahoochee River, this 2.5-mile trail offers breathtaking views and a diverse terrain. The unofficial crown jewel? A dog beach where your four-legged friend can splash around! This hidden gem is the perfect escape from city life, where Fido can frolic off-leash (unofficially) and cool down. Whether you’re hiking, picnicking, or simply savoring nature, East Palisades delivers a day full of doggy joy.

Location: 1425 Indian Trail, Atlanta, GA | View Website

2. Private Swim Clubs to Take Your Dog for a Dip

If your dog is a water enthusiast and just can’t get enough of it, Atlanta has exclusive swimming facilities dedicated entirely to our canine pals.

Dog Days Atlanta Swim Club

At Dog Days Atlanta Swim Club, your dog will have a blast in their above-ground swimming pool. It’s the perfect spot for them to cool off and enjoy some aquatic fun. Whether they’re a seasoned swimmer or just dipping their paws in the water for the first time, the club provides a safe and enjoyable environment for dogs of all abilities.

But Dog Days Atlanta Swim Club is more than just a swimming pool. It’s a full-service facility for pet owners that offers a range of services for your furry friend. From daycare and boarding to grooming, they have everything your dog needs to stay happy and healthy.

If you’re interested in joining the swim club, they offer a variety of membership options to suit your needs. You can choose from monthly, seasonal, or annual memberships, giving you the flexibility for you and Fido to enjoy the club all year round.

Location: 441 Armour Dr NE (Midtown location), Atlanta, GA | View Website

Atlanta Dogworks

Whether your dog is a seasoned swimmer or just learning to paddle in shallow water, the experienced staff at Atlanta Dogworks are on hand to provide guidance and ensure a fun and enjoyable swimming experience for your furry friend. Beyond swimming for fun, fido can also:

Learn to Fly: Atlanta Dogworks offers private dock diving instruction.

Weekly Pool Party: Every Saturday, from 2pm-4pm, Atlanta Dogworks hosts a pool party for dogs of all sizes and skill levels. For just $15 a dog, you’ll have full access to their professional dock diving amenities, as well as life preservers for those beginner swimmers.

Your Private Oasis: Looking for some one-on-one time with your pup? Rent their pool for exclusive half-hour or hour-long sessions. Train for competitions, try low-impact exercise (good for dogs with mobility issues), or simply enjoy a private pawty with your pal.

Location: 1690 Julius Bridge, Ball Ground, GA | View Website

3. Splish Splash Doggie Bash at Piedmont Park

Grab the doggy barkinis: the much-anticipated annual Splish Splash Doggie Bash is back! On October 7 and 8, the Piedmont Park Conservancy is letting the dogs out, literally! Celebrate the return of the annual Splish Splash Doggie Bash with your pup and get your fill of selfies, fun and puppy love. Hundreds of dogs leave this event every year with tails wagging.

The proceeds help fund Piedmont Park Dog Parks. Have a blast at the dog pool party of the year and help maintain Fido’s favorite park by bringing them to Splish Splash Doggie Bash.

For more information, visit

4. Best in Show: Jekyll Island

For our favorite place to take your dog swimming in Georgia, check out Jekyll Island and Driftwood Beach, one of our 25 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in the US. A five-hour drive from Atlanta (but, totally worth it), Jekyll Island is one of Georgia’s beautiful Golden Isles, a group of four barrier islands located along the southern coast of the state. The island boasts 10 miles of pristine beaches — one of the must-visit spots on the island is Driftwood Beach, perfect for a tranquil morning walk with your pooch.

For more information, visit


Atlanta offers a variety of dog-friendly swimming spots that are perfect for making a splash with your furry friend. Whether you prefer public parks, dog beaches, or private swimming pools, there are plenty of options to choose from for a fun-filled adventure in Atlanta’s top spots for dog swimming!

Thirsty after your swimming adventure? Check out one of these dog-friendly breweries!


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